Hard Work Can Definitely Pay off

I don’t mind admitting that I like the finer things in life. I have had to struggle for the first half of my life, and I refuse to do that anymore. I grew up very poor, and that did not change until after I graduated from university. I studied hard and was in the top one percent of my graduating class. That landed me a great job, and I have enjoyed success ever since. When I decided to move after accepting a lucrative promotion, I already knew it would be to corals at keppel bay.

This development is everything I could ever want in a home. I am single right now, but I know that I will end up marrying and having children. That is why I wanted at least a three bedroom condo. I looked at the different units available, and the floor plans and pictures were all nice. I realized that I didn’t want to settle in this area of my life either. I was making a very lucrative income with my new position, and my bonuses alone promised to be more than what some families make in several years. I decided to look at the penthouse floor plans because of this.

I really liked what I saw, especially with the two floor living. I know that it might seem ludicrous to some that a single man would purchase a penthouse condo, but like I said, I don’t plan on being single forever. This would allow me to set up a home office as well as have some guest rooms for visiting family members and friends. There are so many other features too, including pools, a fantastic and beautiful view, and being right on the edge of the water. I know I will be happy here, and it just proves that hard work can definitely pay off.