Going to Take a Bit of a Hike

I have decided that I am going to go on a nice long hike up in the Yellowstone area. I figure that I can afford to take off for the entire summer semester. That is the great thing about being a college professor for me. I do not really teach year round at the moment. Instead I have courses that I teach in the Spring, Winter and Fall, but not in the Summer. I have already gotten a couple of things ready. I found the best survival knife I could get at a good price, although I do not plan upon going out and trying to kill my own food or live off of the land. I might take a bit of fishing tackle and a portable fishing rod, but most I will take my own food and carry what little I need on a good frame pack. I have pretty much all of the stuff that I need, but I might get a couple of things.

My old survival knife has probably gone off with my cousin. He always liked it and he was there the last time I saw it. I would not put it past him to just take what he wanted either. I was down on a family vacation in the Ozarks I believe, so I might have lost it when I was packing up as well. It was pretty well worn though, because I was not treating it all that great. I obviously do not carry a tool box with me out into the hiking. I carry a hatchet obviously, but not much else and so I used that knife for all sorts of jobs it was not ever intended to do. It is a tool though and if you are out in hte middle of nowhere you have to improvise.