Best Prices on Fast Internet

I would like to get a faster internet connection in my apartment, so that I will be able to play video games with my friends over the Internet. I have more free time these days, and even though it is probably not the most productive use of my time, I have been using my extra free time in order to play more video games. I am really getting into internet gaming, but my connection is not fast enough. I need high speed internet so that I can play the best first person shooter games that are on the market today.

I just picked up a new game, and it is pretty awesome. I have only played a bit of the campaign so far, but I imagine that playing it online is really cool. In fact, from the video of game-play I have watched of online play, it does like it will be awesome, and I want to test it out. However, I do not have a fast enough internet connection currently, and I do not even want to give it a shot, until I have upgraded my internet speed.

I know that if I tried to play it right now, that all I would do is lag, and that does not sound like much fun to me. It sounds like a waste of my time, and it might make me have less of an impression of the game. I will just wait, even though it is going to be hard to wait. I guess that it might not take too long for me to be able to upgrade my internet connection to a faster speed. I am not sure about that though, and I will have to call around, to find out what the prices are like for a fast connection.