Knowing How to Wash Your Clothes

I have a shameful secret that I never let any girl I date know. It’s a problem that I have tried to remedy but to which no solution has been found to combat the sheer laziness that possesses me. I can’t do my own laundry. There is no doubt in my mind that I am a man who is lacking in life skills that, if the women he dated discovered he lacked simple everyday skills, would be ridiculed by them ruthlessly. I even have to resort to using a dry cleaner in Paterson NJ to ensure that my clothes are ready for the week.

It’s true that I do work a lot. A whole lot. I’m often putting 60 some odd hours a week just at work alone not accounting for the independent projects that I focus on at home. I simply do not have enough hours in the day to concern myself with these issues! I was forced to hire a maid even just so I didn’t have to waste any more of my time fumbling about with a mop and a bucket, doing nothing more than splashing soapy water around the kitchen floor. Yeah, that’s a serious waste of my time.

I don’t feel so bad. I like to think that as long as I am able to pay for the lifestyle that I currently have then it’s never going to be a problem. With other people doing these tasks for me, there will never be a reason for me to have to learn to do them myself. Then again, if I ever find myself in a pinch where money is tight, I might have a serious problem on my hands. Not knowing how to wash my clothes is no doubt going to come back to haunt me.