The Perks of Having Good Internet

If you’re anything like me then you love to game online. Some of my best memories in life are me and my friends huddling over an xbox playing Halo together. I know it sounds cocky, but I’m really good at first person shooters. My twitch reflexes are top notch and I’m very fast. But I’m not good if I’m lagging and that’s a problem you’ll encounter a lot when you game online. Because of this, I had to make sure that I had good internet. So I decided to look into rhode island internet for my place. I found a good deal on this one package and so far it has been working great. I’m not lagging like I used to, and this means I am very consistent when I’m playing online. I no longer lose in the middle of a firefight just because I teleported across the map due to lag.

I’ve gotten so good that I even made a clan in my favorite game. Of course I invited all my friends into the clan. Now we play together a lot and it’s so much fun. Some of my buddies lag pretty bad. One guy in particular has let our team down because he’ll be the last player left alive, and he’ll just lose due to his lag. I told him about the plan that I got and he said he’d check it out. He ended up getting it and his lag totally disappeared. It was amazing. I’m so thankful to have this good internet plan. Compared to the old plan I used to have, this is much faster and way more reliable. I can’t even imagine going back to those slow, choppy speeds that I had before. I hope this internet continues to stay great because I plan to game a lot more.