How We Went from No Internet Presence to the Leading Website in the Industry Using a New York Search Optimization Company

I see our website sort of like a new parent sees a child. You want to give your child the best chance of success in life, and your business website should have opportunities for success too. The difference is that this baby, pardon the pun, was going to either make or break us. The items we sell were now available online with overnight shipping. Where we used to have customers drive a couple of hundred miles to come to us, now they just place and order and wait. We needed a New York search engine optimization company to help us build a website that would get us an online presence fast.

When the fuel prices started to climb is when we started to see less and less long distance customers driving to us to get parts. They used to tell us it was nice to be able to drive in, even if it was far away, so they could see the parts before buying them. They would bring in old equipment they were replacing to compare it with new parts and whole products. As that segment of our business began to dwindle, we figured out that those customers were now buying online through a competitor of ours in another state. The fast shipping, even though it was pricey, was still less money than they would spend on gas and time to drive out to us.

We got our whole inventory online, but we needed better SEO to grab back some of the customers that we had lost. The New York search engine optimization company we used actually helped us to corner the market in our industry. Our sales ramped up rapidly within weeks of the website changeover to new SEO. Now we are the leading provider of the products we sell. We surpassed other online sellers who have been selling on the Internet longer than us.

We Got an XFINITY Home Security System with Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Protection

We saw on the news that a guy we speak too when we are out walking had his house burn down. I heard the fire whistles and saw the trucks go by, but I had no idea it was his house until I saw the late news. He and his family are okay, but a segment of the interview got me thinking. He said they did not even hear the smoke alarm in the basement. After that, I called to see what the XFINITY home security cost would be for a full home alarm system with smoke and carbon monoxide protection.

Smoke alarms are great, but they may not be heard when they are on another level and not interconnected. They do sell interconnected smoke alarms, but even those are not connected to a central alarm panel that will notify a real person so the fire department will be automatically called. The smoke and carbon monoxide protection you get with a home security system is connected to the central alarm panel. It will call the monitoring agency when there is an alarm condition. They will call the police, fire department and other emergency services depending on the type of the emergency. They will even call the homeowner or other people in case no one is home. They call to check to see if you are okay, or if it is a false alarm.

Monitored home security systems that have fire, smoke and carbon monoxide protection are a whole lot better than single non-connected sensors or even those interconnected ones that will all go off when one does. In order of best use, the home security system with smoke and carbon monoxide sensors is best. Then the interconnected ones would be second best. At the bottom of the list, yet still absolutely necessary if you have nothing else, is the single sensor units you hang up on the wall or ceiling.