The Companion Can Do Anything

A friend who I talk to regularly called me on the phone one day and couldn’t stop talking about his senior companion in Long Island. My friend was older than me, but he was still pretty active, and I was curious as to why he needed a companion. He said that in his old age, he wanted someone to care for him and help him do things. He said that I might want to get a companion of my own. I never really thought about it before, but a companion is definitely useful.

I got a companion form the same place that my friend got one. My companion was a young man in his mid 30s. He made breakfast for me and it was one of the best meals I ever had. He did an amazing southwestern omelet with a stack of pancakes and perfectly cooked bacon. It was like I was eating at some five star restaurant. For lunch, he a deli style sub sandwich with a broccoli and cheddar soup that was amazing. For dinner, he made steak with a fully loaded baked potato and vegetable medley. I never knew that having a companion would mean that I would be getting such tasty meals.

The companion wasn’t only good for cooking. He knew how to play every card game imaginable, from poker to spades. We played many games of spades, and he beat me a majority of the time. I tested his ability to play chess, and he beat me at that too. Among my friends, I was always the best chess player, but against him, I had been repeatedly trounced. Looks like I’ll have to do my best to get better at these games if I’m going to win against the companion. This guy is the perfect person to have taking care of you.

Earth Shattering and Glass Shattering

There was a earthquake in Brooklyn that shattered all of the glass in my home. Of all places for an earthquake to take place, one had to happen in Brooklyn, and it had to do damage to my home in the way it did. I don’t think anyone else on my street had the same kind of damage. I called a company that supplies custom glass in Brooklyn to have all of my windows and mirrors replaced. In the meantime, I put plastic wrap on the windows to keep bugs from flying in. At this time of the year, there are a lot of bugs that roam around, and they can be pretty annoying.

The glass people took measurements of my windows and bathrooms, and then gave me an estimate for the glass. I figured that the price would be a lot higher than the estimate that they gave me, but the price was pretty reasonable. They even gave me a discount for being a first time customer. After a payment by check, they started working on putting the new glass and mirrors in my home the next day. They did the window installations first, so I wouldn’t have to keep using the plastic wrap.

The workers installed each window one by one. For a single person doing the job on their own, the installation would have probably taken an entire week, but for a team of people, it only took a day. Each glass installation was done by taking the old shards away and putting new glass in the frames. Then they put the mirrors in each of the bathrooms and held them in place with pieces of plastic and screws. My house looked beautiful again, and I was able to have windows that actually worked. Hopefully there will be no more earthquakes.

From One Company to the Next

A roofing company in NYC did some roof repair on my home after part of the roof was damaged by a tree that had been struck by lightning. I thought all was well, until a month later, when the roof started falling apart at the site of the repairs. I tried contacting the company who did the repairs, but apparently they had gone out of business. Many people complained about work they had done before, and the company lost its ability to do repairs. They now have a lawsuit on their hands from many angry customers, including myself.

Since the company I initially used couldn’t do the repairs, I had to hire a new company to do it. After getting burned by the first company, I was very hesitant to hire anyone else for repairs. I was willing to climb up on the roof and do the repairs myself, even though I knew next to nothing about roof repair. This probably would have resulted in a worse job than the previous company, or I might have been injured by falling off the roof. I had to bite the bullet and just look for someone else to do the repairs.

I put my trust in a company that received positive feedback from many people. I still had my doubts about their ability to repair my roof, but I had to put those doubts aside, or my roof would never be fixed. After examining the damage, one of the workers for the company commented on how badly the previous repair job was done. Just by looking at the damage, they were able to tell which company was responsible for it. The workers had been doing roof repair all over town for people who used to be former customers of that other company.

My Mom Needed In-home Care

My mom told me even before she was diagnosed that she would end up getting dementia. It is something that most members of her family have gone through, and she did not feel she would be an exception. I wish I could say she was wrong, but she was diagnosed with it even before she was of retirement age. Thankfully, it was just early signs, but she already knew enough about the disease to know what to expect from it. That is why just a few short years later, she did a search for dementia care in Brooklyn.

She knew that she was going to need help as it progressed more, but she was still not prepared to leave her home yet either. She has worked hard all her life to have it, and I can definitely understand her desire to stay there. I am just grateful that she had the foresight to make arrangements with a home care company that has experience with people who have dementia. If my mom was in any danger of hurting herself, I would not have been happy with these arrangements, but I knew that she was in good hands with them.

What I really like about this company is the different layers of care that they provide to the people who want to remain in their homes but need help. Basic housekeeping and cooking can be done, and personal hygiene assistance is also provided. Nursing care can be arranged too. If my mom needs to go to the doctor or store, they are there to take her. The best part of it is that they talk to her. I mean, really talk with her. They have conversations that stimulate my mother’s brain, and that is one of the reasons the dementia is so slow to progress with her. These caretakers and companions are a true blessing!

There Are Ways out of Foreclosure So Do Not Give Up Hope

You know, I would reckon that people have actually killed themselves over financial worries. When stuff like that hits the news, you just get a report on the act, not much about the details that lead up to it. Can you imagine being under threat of losing your car, your savings (if you are lucky to have a few bucks) and even your house? I used to feel so much for people in financial trouble. We helped where we could. Then one day our home was on the list for short sales in NYC.

I did not plan for my industry to pretty much go belly up overnight. We worked for a Defense contractor who lost all of his contracts with the government except one. The winds of politics blow and can knock down a lot of things you used to rely on. I was one year short of seniority that would have kept my job. I found other work almost right away, but not at the rate of pay I was making. My wife was already working overtime. Both of our children are special needs. Some things you cannot plan for. You just roll with the punches.

We knew the day I got laid off that we needed to sell the house. We listed it the very next day. However, our community was already hit hard, and the houses were not selling. We got behind in the mortgage with no place to go. We had some stressful times. There were arguments and regret. When the short sale came up, we came through it unscathed. All of our liens were erased, and the buyer paying less than what was owed on the house did not come back to haunt us in debt later on. The bank considered it satisfied. They were happy it sold!

If we had not researched what to do when things like this happen and if we had not sought help, we might have been financially destroyed. I would never have harmed myself. I love my family too much. However, I can see how some people who think they have no hope make a bad decision like that. That is why I am telling about options to prevent foreclosure here.

We Got Bed Bugs on a School Field Trip That Included a Hotel Stay

I remember when our little girl was sent home by the nurse because she had head lice. Now that was super embarrassing. We have a nice apartment that we keep perfectly clean. I’m actually a clean freak according to my husband and our little girl. The nurse said our little one picked them up in school and that it was as common as kids catching a cold from one another. It has nothing to do with hygiene or cleanliness. Then we got bed bugs. Talk about devastating to my pride! However, a company that provides bed bug control in NYC told me that they were brought into our home. They did not originate there.

As the exterminator did his job getting rid of the bed bugs he asked me about recent travel. The only thing that came to mind was a school trip out of state for a spelling championship our little girl was in. The contestants from the school all went on the same flight, and we all stayed in the same hotel. It was a nice place. Not a five-start hotel, but it wasn’t a dive either. It was really clean and had a nice restaurant and even an indoor swimming pool that the kids went crazy over. The exterminator said that is where we most likely picked up the bed bugs.

We brought them home on our clothes. Then they took up residence in our bedroom feeding off of us in the night. Is that creepy or what? It just makes me shudder thinking about it. They were in our bedroom and our little girl’s. It was the bites on her that alerted me that there was a problem. My husband always has bites because he works as a park ranger. I had a couple tiny marks on my leg that I chalked up to mosquito bites. Well, they weren’t.