One of Her Favorite Birthday Gifts

I was trying to think of the perfect gift to give to my niece for her thirteenth birthday. She is not a typical girl, which made it even harder for me to decide. While a lot of girls her age are interested in fashion and boys, she is interested mainly in music and books. I did a search to find the perfect gift for music lover, and I had a lot of different suggestions that I was able to look through. None of them screamed out to me that it was the perfect gift though until I came to one site that was a handmade plaque that was absolutely perfect.

I wanted the gift to be something that she would enjoy but would also let her know that I appreciate that she is exploring the things she is most passionate about. This plaque has a musical instrument that is standing upright, and the word ‘love’ surrounds it. It is small enough to not be gaudy and big enough to be a conversation piece. It is brown with black highlights on the musical instrument, and I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. The good thing is that I knew she would absolutely love it too.

Ordering it was very easy, and I was quite happy with the price too. Truth be told, I would have paid a lot more for it, but I was still glad that it was reasonably priced. It was delivered that same week, and I almost gave it to her a few times before her actual birthday. When the big day arrived, I put my present among the other gift wrapped boxes and packages, and she waited until nearly the end of her party to open it. She couldn’t contain her excitement, and she told me later it was one of her favorite gifts.

An Oak Tree Took out Our Pool and Shed but We Are Ok

Well, it is that time of year again. The leaves are off the trees, the cold is rolling in and so is the windy winter weather. I knew we should have had our trees pruned and inspected by an arborist earlier in the year. We put it off because of other things we needed to buy with our budgeted money. Now we had to call a tree service in Brooklyn NY to not only remove a fallen tree and stump, but they also need to inspect the other trees on our property anyway. You know if one was rotten or infested with ants, then another one is also likely to be in the same shape.

When an oak falls, it really can wreak havoc on anything in its path. In our case it was the garden shed and the swimming pool. Both are a total loss. I am just glad that none of us were outside, and I am glad that the house was not hit. If the big oak tree would have fallen in the middle of summer when it did, I can almost guarantee that the kids would have been in the pool. My husband probably would have been tuning up the mower or working on something else at the shed as well.

People do not think of trees as becoming weapons. Plus, we think of them getting to be hundreds of years old and not needing anything. Rare is the tree that makes it to that sort of ripe old age. Trees fall all the time in the wild. When they fall on residential or commercial property, they can kill people and do thousands of dollars of damage. We should have stuck to our idea of having the trees pruned and inspected. A core sample of the oak would have revealed that it was rotten except for its outer layers.