The Big Storm Left Us Needing Immediate Help

You always have things you do to care for your property. But sometimes it’s hard to handle it all on your own. I sure try, though. I like living in a place that makes me happy because it’s well groomed. But it can be so much work that I can’t get to things as fast as I want to. Last week, I needed the assistance of tree removal in Queens County, NY in order to clean up my yard in a timely manner.

When the news told me that some major storms were coming through, I did not think much about it. Storms always come through. It is really not a big deal. But when I got a text message from the emergency broadcast that I should take cover and major flooding was about to happen, I rushed my family to a hotel in a nearby city so that we would remain safe. We even have our beloved family dog with us because we did not want to leave him behind.

Coming home was a big shocker. There were trees down all over our neighborhood. Big beauties, too! There was even one that fell on a power line and was in the middle of the road. We could not get past it and had to walk the rest of the way to our house. So, when we got there, we were not surprised by all the massive trees in our yard that were down.

One of our trees landed on our barn. There is no way that I could have handled that myself. And as I stood looking at the mess, I knew that some of it could have been alleviated if I had just had a company coming out each year to do maintenance on my trees. But never mind that, I was just happy that they were willing to come fix our yard up after all the damage.

The Bathroom is My Favorite Room Now

When my husband asked me if I was finally ready for a new bathroom, I actually cried. It has been my dream to redo our bathroom since buying our house nearly six years ago, but funds were never there for what I wanted done. He got a really impressive bonus at work though, and he decided that we should apply the majority of it to a new bathroom. I told him he could do whatever he wanted with most of the bathroom, but I got to pick out the shower. A company that sells shower doors in Somerset County NJ has been bookmarked on my computer for a couple of years because I just fell in love with the different ways they do shower enclosures.

I knew that my husband would handle the rest of the bathroom just fine, and I also felt confident that he would design what he wanted around the shower that I wanted. I was able to look at so many pictures on this website, so the only hard part was actually choosing the one that I wanted since so many were appealing. I looked at all of the pictures on the site one more time since I knew that this was actually a reality now.

I really liked the one that was large enough for two people, and it had a shower head at each end. I also liked that we could customize it however we wanted, so I decided to have a bench put in it as well. It would make shaving my legs so much easier! The neat thing about this company is that they were able to redo our windows too along with a few other things. The end result is the bathroom of my dreams, and it honestly is my favorite room in the entire house!