An Eye for Home Decoration

I can’t help but notice how other people’s homes look when I visit them. I compare their homes to mine and think about how much nicer their places look. They have all kinds of neat decorations and impressive furniture, while I only have the basics. I asked my friends if they could help me make my house look as good as theirs, and they recommended that I start by looking at some rugs for sale online. While rugs don’t change that much in a home, they do make great decorative pieces. You can buy a lot of matching rugs and strategically place them to turn a boring home into something a little more elegant.

While looking a rug designs, I really wasn’t sure what was actually a good design. I saw some designs that I liked, but my friends thought they didn’t match the look of my home. I don’t really have an eye for spotting good designs and color coordination, so I just let my friends choose what they thought looked the best. Then we went to the store to find some fabrics that could be used to make pillows and covers for my existing furniture.

One of my friends is skilled on the sewing machine. He once made an entire suit out of fabric that he purchased from the store. He measured my furniture to find out how much fabric he needed to use to make the pillows and covers. He mixed multiple fabrics together to create some interesting patterns. He did all of this for me free of charge. I insisted on paying him, but he wanted this to be a gift to me. The rugs arrived a few days later and I placed them around my home. Now my home looks like something out of a home magazine.

Picking Cases to Pursue in Court is Not As Easy As You Might Think

Legal Transcription

I used to write out everything on a legal pad and then transcribe it into documents later on. I do the interviews of clients who are wanting to file lawsuits.

Accepting the work depends on the details of their situation. No firm wants to take on a losing case.

My interviews help weed out what we can win and what we will likely lose. We take on cases at no fee unless a settlement is won. You cannot stay in business without more wins than losses.

We streamlined and started using legal transcription outsourcing and services.

It makes for a much cleaner and more professional presentation of my client interviews to the attorney who decides on what cases to accept.

Too long to Listen

A lot more detail is captured having the full interview process documented. It takes too long to listen to the 15 minute interviews, but you can scan over the details quickly by viewing it in its transcribed form.

This is especially trues since I keep the clients on format answering questions for our interview process that I helped develop. It would take an attorney 15 minutes to listen to each interview or have to sit in on them all.


Summary in just 2 minutes

Having the interviews transcribed, a good attorney can weed out the winning versus the losing cases in about a minute or two.


Only about Winning

Yes, that sounds kind of harsh, but it is necessary to keep a client stream of more winning than losing cases.

If someone wants to pursue something that does not have a lot of legal merit to make it a winner, then they can just be a regular paying client who does not get the services for free if the court does not decide in their favor.

It is a job, after all, and we do need to earn a paycheck to take care of our families too.

Make Sure That AC is Working Before It’s Too Late

Few warm days

Now that we have had a few warm days I decided it was time to turn the AC on for the first time this year.

I’m glad I turned it on now before it got to hot because, what a surprise, it was broken.

My AC was only pumping out hot air, useless on a warm May day, and there was a funny small as well.


Repair Man

Finding AC repair in Manhattan, NY is surprisingly difficult!

This is not the warmest city in America and Manhattan is not exactly the right part of town for parts shops and repair companies, but I knew I had to find somewhere fast to stop myself from melting!


My Digital Friend

Luckily, internet search engines are my friend!

I jumped online and after searching for ‘AC repair in Manhattan, NY’ a number of results popped up.

It was now about 11am and the day was really starting to warm up, so for me this was all about finding a good repair company that could get the job done as fast as possible.

Needed this repaired quickly

Having done some internet research of my own I was pretty confident that my ducts were clogged and there might have been something wrong with my compressor as well.

I needed this repaired as quickly as possible as I was supposed to have friends coming around that afternoon!


Before my guests came

I rang around a few different places to see if I could get the AC repaired before my guests came around. I guess I am lucky that I have a fairly standard and well known unit, and the third company I rang were able to come out and bring all the necessary parts with them.

They were at my apartment within an hour and they had the ducts cleaned and the compressor replaced very quickly. The charge was reasoable and most importantly the house was cool.

Once the AC was on and blowing properly the smell soon disappeared and my guests had no idea what a hot mess they nearly wondered into!

Finding Deals on AC Repair Services

Stopped working

At the end of the summer season last year, my air conditioning stopped working, and at the time I did not have the money to get it fixed.

Besides, it was almost fall and I did not need it for much longer anyway. I am going to try to find AC repair services in NYC that will not cost me and arm and a leg because I now want to get this fixed as soon as I can.

I know that it is going to be pretty expensive, or at least, more expensive than I want to pay.

Given that I have known about the problem for quite awhile, I should have saved up money to pay for the repairs.

Able to afford

But I didn’t and now I am kind of in a pickle with regards to how I am going to be able to afford.

I am going to figure out how to afford it though, because being broke for a little bit is better than the alternative. The alternative in this scenario is dying of heat exhaustion.


Really HOT

My house gets really hot without any air conditioning, and it seems like it heats up faster than it should. Perhaps there is an issue with poor insulation in the house.

That could be, because it is an older house, that I purchased because it was such a good price at the time.


Better Insulation

Maybe I will look into getting better insulation put in at some point in the future, but not right now.

I can’t afford to do that as well right.

But it would be nice because the insulation would definitely save me some money on my heating and cooling bills.

I know that I use the stove too much in the summer too, which also really heats up the house a lot.

A Scrumptious Meal for Two


One of the reasons why

One of the reasons why my husband and I love to go on vacation so much is because of the different kinds of foods that we get to try. It isn’t the only reason we go all over the world, but it is a huge part of our travel enjoyment.


Beach Vacation

When we decided to have a beach vacation, one of the first things I did was a search for a great Spanish restaurant in Singapore. We rarely eat Spanish foods, but we heard good things about some Singapore Spanish restaurants, and we wanted to try one out.


La Ventana

There were quite a few, so we asked one of the staff at our hotel to recommend the best one of the ones we had on our list. She immediately said that La Ventana is one of her favorites, and she gave us directions to get there.

The restaurant itself is quite charming, and we did not have to wait long at all to be seated. We were waited on within a couple of minutes, and the waitress was very personable.



She told us what a few things were that we were confused on, and she also gave a couple of recommendations too.

We ended up splitting a tapa, which is simply an appetizer. I had a pasta and shrimp dish for my main course, and my husband had a dish that consisted mostly of octopus and vegetables.

We each tried each others, and both were delicious. Even though we could have eaten much more for our appetizers, we wanted to save room for dessert because the dessert menu looked too tempting to resist.

We each ordered, and then we shared cake and sorbet with fruit. That meal is the perfect example of why we love to eat at new places when we are traveling!