An Eye for Home Decoration

I can’t help but notice how other people’s homes look when I visit them. I compare their homes to mine and think about how much nicer their places look. They have all kinds of neat decorations and impressive furniture, while I only have the basics. I asked my friends if they could help me make my house look as good as theirs, and they recommended that I start by looking at some rugs for sale online. While rugs don’t change that much in a home, they do make great decorative pieces. You can buy a lot of matching rugs and strategically place them to turn a boring home into something a little more elegant.

While looking a rug designs, I really wasn’t sure what was actually a good design. I saw some designs that I liked, but my friends thought they didn’t match the look of my home. I don’t really have an eye for spotting good designs and color coordination, so I just let my friends choose what they thought looked the best. Then we went to the store to find some fabrics that could be used to make pillows and covers for my existing furniture.

One of my friends is skilled on the sewing machine. He once made an entire suit out of fabric that he purchased from the store. He measured my furniture to find out how much fabric he needed to use to make the pillows and covers. He mixed multiple fabrics together to create some interesting patterns. He did all of this for me free of charge. I insisted on paying him, but he wanted this to be a gift to me. The rugs arrived a few days later and I placed them around my home. Now my home looks like something out of a home magazine.

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