A Scrumptious Meal for Two


One of the reasons why

One of the reasons why my husband and I love to go on vacation so much is because of the different kinds of foods that we get to try. It isn’t the only reason we go all over the world, but it is a huge part of our travel enjoyment.


Beach Vacation

When we decided to have a beach vacation, one of the first things I did was a search for a great Spanish restaurant in Singapore. We rarely eat Spanish foods, but we heard good things about some Singapore Spanish restaurants, and we wanted to try one out.


La Ventana

There were quite a few, so we asked one of the staff at our hotel to recommend the best one of the ones we had on our list. She immediately said that La Ventana is one of her favorites, and she gave us directions to get there.

The restaurant itself is quite charming, and we did not have to wait long at all to be seated. We were waited on within a couple of minutes, and the waitress was very personable.



She told us what a few things were that we were confused on, and she also gave a couple of recommendations too.

We ended up splitting a tapa, which is simply an appetizer. I had a pasta and shrimp dish for my main course, and my husband had a dish that consisted mostly of octopus and vegetables.

We each tried each others, and both were delicious. Even though we could have eaten much more for our appetizers, we wanted to save room for dessert because the dessert menu looked too tempting to resist.

We each ordered, and then we shared cake and sorbet with fruit. That meal is the perfect example of why we love to eat at new places when we are traveling!