Picking Cases to Pursue in Court is Not As Easy As You Might Think

Legal Transcription

I used to write out everything on a legal pad and then transcribe it into documents later on. I do the interviews of clients who are wanting to file lawsuits.

Accepting the work depends on the details of their situation. No firm wants to take on a losing case.

My interviews help weed out what we can win and what we will likely lose. We take on cases at no fee unless a settlement is won. You cannot stay in business without more wins than losses.

We streamlined and started using legal transcription outsourcing and services.

It makes for a much cleaner and more professional presentation of my client interviews to the attorney who decides on what cases to accept.

Too long to Listen

A lot more detail is captured having the full interview process documented. It takes too long to listen to the 15 minute interviews, but you can scan over the details quickly by viewing it in its transcribed form.

This is especially trues since I keep the clients on format answering questions for our interview process that I helped develop. It would take an attorney 15 minutes to listen to each interview or have to sit in on them all.


Summary in just 2 minutes

Having the interviews transcribed, a good attorney can weed out the winning versus the losing cases in about a minute or two.


Only about Winning

Yes, that sounds kind of harsh, but it is necessary to keep a client stream of more winning than losing cases.

If someone wants to pursue something that does not have a lot of legal merit to make it a winner, then they can just be a regular paying client who does not get the services for free if the court does not decide in their favor.

It is a job, after all, and we do need to earn a paycheck to take care of our families too.