6 thoughts on “Mall Kiosks: A Tip to Avoid Their Attacks

  1. I work at a mall kisok and I will still talk to you if you’re on your phone lol. Just say no thank you!!!! … I’m just trying to feed myself and buy myself sum $20 dolla Jeans tooo

  2. I am very happy that im mall kiosk salesman i like the job and the job likes me . and the customers like me even more. Our thing is just to show you how amazing our product is and make you spend money that you dont even planned to. The point is to show you the product in the best way we can do and you cant just say no.
    Anyways i know there are some animals in that job but it doesnt supposed to be like that. Representing is important they way you do it.

  3. It's the men who do the most harassing. Touching me, yelling at me, fake-complimenting me. They need to go away.

  4. I worked in the mall selling Dead Sea products,we are taught not to take no as an answer unless he is on the phone

  5. I wish I could come to your job and just ignore the shit out of you with this trick:). If we do not hustle, we do not bring bread to our family that day! get over it! its our fucking job!!

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