17 thoughts on “New Sulky / Velke Wheels, Lawn Care Vlog #65

  1. just saying, you can see the credit card info when you sswipe the card, hate to see u get ripped off

  2. Im from new zealand and i sit and watch the way you do lawns and the mowers you use, I have a lawn care business here and love to see the way you do things

  3. I noticed we never seen AJ again. You gave him a half mile of trimming to do and, left him hahaha. Poor guy.

  4. brian do you ever hang the velke and walk with the exmark or do you just take the pin out and take them off.

  5. good videos. just started watching in am when drinking morning coffee before getting ready to head out and start our day. watched a video where you said you were looking at a new mower in the coming year. we have used most out there and I would recommend the _725 D grasshopper. these mowers are the best out there, tough as nails and cut some grass. we now own 2 along with 2 walker ghost 26 hp. Also, how often do you sharpen your blades, a few of videos show the grass without a clean cut. your lawn look good when done. keep up the good work. oh, what happen to Albarro?

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