8 thoughts on “STOP MALL KIOSK WORKERS 2016 {Storytime with Megan}

  1. next time don't give in. there is nothing wrong with not wanting to be bothered. you have the right to ignore them and heck even be rude if you need to (in the instance that they won't leave you alone).

  2. I know a lot of people who work in these kiosks. They don't care how you look. there are 2 sotuations. our American dollar is worth 2i cents of their money because it's ridiculously expensive in Israel. more so than new york. they all live on negative credit. So they work there to support their families back home.

    second option is that these people don't have a green card or citizenship. if they don't make a certain amount of money they will either kick them to the street with no place to go. I've had a few of them move into my place to save them. another thing they will do is make them stay home with nowhere to go or no food to eat then let them come back so they have to make money. once they get their citizenship the workers never stay. It's actually really sad. kiosk workers at the mall are either money hungry souless people, or have no other choice because the owners trap them.

  3. That y ur ass love in a trailer and has momy and daddy pay everything casue u r life is so bad Oh to be white haha ur life suck OMG mall people so scary haha ur so dumb bitch

  4. FYI harassment is illegal and working a job isn't u white girls are over dramtica and u don't like it when ur wrong hahaha

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