14 thoughts on “The Flash Vibrates Train – The Flash 3×12 – Part #14 (4K Ultra HD)

  1. Supper happy all these clips are up so quickly and everything, but I do hate when I see the spoiler-filled titles before I've had chance to watch the episode…

  2. Why with any other speedster when they enter the room they appear as if they have been standing there but when Barry or Wally enters a room or a scene it looks like they are simply just sliding in?

  3. What is this people are saying about Barry not knowing anything? Barry knows plenty. He just vibrated a TRAIN for crying out loud. Forget having Wally stop Savitar. Why don't they just look into Barry's true potential? He certainly knows what he is doing out there. And honestly, for those of you saying Wally being faster than Barry is canon for the comics so it's going to happen in the show, well if that's true, then they also need to make Barry generate the speed force with ever step he takes and be able to run at six billion miles per hour.

  4. As i remember Barry did this in the new 52 volume 1 move forward but he did this with a plane finally something related with the comics.

  5. If Barry vibrates the train in order to phase through objects, surely the train should derail? Unless he is now vibrating the tracks too? And how far does the tracks go if all of it is being vibrated.. And if the tracks are vibrating the ground is, if the ground is the earth is, if the earth is vibrating. Shouldn't there be earth quakes and crack? .. Questions, questions….

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