The Girl Loves the Pills

February is known as the season of love because of Valentine’s Day. Couples all over the world get romantic with each other, with leads to some alone time in bed. I wanted to really show my girlfriend a night that she would never forget, so I bought some Volume Pills, not as a gift for her, but as a gift for me. For her, I got a necklace that she had been hinting at for a while. She’s not really the kind of person who isn into jewlery, but for some reason she really liked the way this necklace looked.

I prepared the perfect evening for my girlfriend. Rather than going to some fancy restaurant where everyone has to dress up in a suit and tie and get reservations beforehand, I decided to cook dinner. Most of the time when I cook, it’s usually basic things for dinner, but this time, I decided to take things to the next level. I bought a cookbook with different recipes for multiple course meals. There was a wonder chicken recipe that I had to try. I bought all kinds of spices that I had never heard of before, and even bought some special cooking wine.

The dinner turned out better than I expected. I figured the chicken would have burned a little, or the sides would have been dry, but everything was great. Even the creme brulee was amazing. My girlfriend really loved it, and when I showed her the necklace that I bought, her eyes became huge. It was like she was a kid on Christmas who had just come downstairs to see what Santa CLaus had left under the tree. We began to kiss, and made our way back to the bedroom, where she saw another surprise that knocked her socks off.

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