15 thoughts on “Train – The News (Lyric Video)

  1. This song is definitely my favorite so far…….wow….Train knocked it out of the park for me….Wtg baby wtg!

  2. I don't care if its not their old sound, he sang this so fast and clear and is showing he can do even more

  3. Not a bad sound, but they sound too much like Maroon 5 who had their unique sound and Train theirs. Reminds me of when the Wallflowers went country.

  4. The train i used to love is dead, looks like they make songs just for the sake of fucking making them.

  5. Don't know why people think that a band absolutely has to stay with the same sound over and over for ever as long as they make music.

    Train's older music was good, and so are the new songs. Different, but all good!

  6. Been a train fan since 'For me It's you' this is so much different but I can definitely get behind this new sound, I hope they reach high in the charts with some of the songs in their new album, Jan 27th come at us thanks

  7. Nada mejor que empezar el día con una nueva canción de Train. Me encantó, como todo lo demás. Sin duda son los mejores.

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