14 thoughts on “Why Uneven Line Distribution Is The Best (..usually)

  1. Thats why Jin doesn't get as much lines. His voice suits emotional/ballads which is why his solo track "Awake" rocks af.

  2. Junhui has a flatter voice than jeonghan but other than that it's the same he needs more lines hoe

  3. YES! I've seen a lot of people hating on Big Hit because Hoseok didn't get many lines in Spring Day, but that's not where his talent lies! He is the lead dancer in BTS and often times works with the main choreographer to plan the dances. He is not a vocal member and probably doesn't care whether he has many lines or not.

  4. aaaah thank you so much for making this video people get so unnecessarily mad over this!!!!
    another thing people don't understand is that each member have their role in the group. so of course the main singer will have more lines than the main dancer and that's okay

  5. i never thought about this, mainly because I don't really care about the distribution. but great video, this will be the thing i'll link whenever i see someone whining about this topic. :3

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